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Life requires oxygen; well-being requires good-quality oxygen. As said by the 2 times Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, cancer is caused by insufficient oxygen in cellular respiration. According to studies, the constant lack of the necessary amount of oxygen can cause the following symptoms: 1)acids in the stomach, 2)viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, 3)bronchial problems, 4)problems of blood circulation, 5)depression, 6)dizziness, 7)fatigue, 8)irrational behavior, 9)stimulation, 10)reduced immunity to colds, flu and infections, 11)memory loss, 12)muscle pain, 13)total body weakness, 14)bad digestion, 15)tumors.


In the last three years we have been providing oxygen through specialized mechanical devices. Our beliefs are based on the need to be close to the people, by providing high quality services, professionally-oriented, always following the instructions of doctors with great carefulness so as to improve the quality of their life. For us, the medical science is the most important science, for this very reason we support it technically with the best possible way. As medicine never takes rest, so aren’t we, by offering our services 24 hours per day.

Our company has acquired the EKEVYL license for handling medical technology equipment. This means that the set principles and the procedures used ensure the best quality of the mobile devices (standards and traceability) and guarantee excellent services (e.g the change of bacterial filters on O2 concentrators for each new patient).